WizTalent is our innovative recruiting software product. It is delivered as a hosted software service. Every feature and functionality is conceptualized and designed by some of our own top technical recruiting team. The software system directly provides solutions for most pressing issues faced by recruiting teams.

WizioTec's internal recruiting team uses WizTalent and this technology improved our operational efficiency by 90%.

Any recruiting organization can benefit from WizTalent either as an individual recruiter or a manager. These benefits can be summarized as follows.

Recruiter: WizTalent empowers individual recruiter by eliminating most time consuming tasks. Hence they can focus their time on recruiting tasks and increase the rate of successful placements.

  • Single job board interface: This is one of the innovative features of WizTalent and it provides quick and easy access to job boards from a single screen to leading resume sources including Monster, Dice, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, WizBoard and etc. It provides consistent resume search interface and eliminates hassles of dealing with individual job boards.
  • High quality resume source: WizBoard is the resume source managed by WizioTec's recruiting team. Each and every resume is manually pre-screened and tagged for easy and quick search.
  • Workflow: End-to-end recruiting process is stream-lined by separating into functional steps. Those include
    • Resume sourcing and filtering: Resumes can be sourced from WizTalent database or integrated job boards with few clicks. It also supports submitting local resume files.
    • Resume short-listing: Resumes can be tagged, short-listed and prioritized based on any additional criteria before they are queued for prequalification.
    • Prequalification: Provides an efficient and quick approach to reach the targeted candidates by email and phone.
    • Pre-submission: Prequalified candidates are followed-up through to submission.
    • Post-submission: Submitted candidates are tracked and supported through hiring process.
    • Payment: Placement is tracked through to final payment from client.
  • Fast database search: The internal database is designed to handle large volume of resumes and data. Search functionality is specifically designed to support fast retrievals. Search fields are general terms used by recruiter community.
  • Referral management: Supports features to develop referral network.

Manager of Recruiting: WizTalent provides high degree of team control in order to achieve better number of client placements. Individual team member productivity is measured and hence everyone can be held accountable.

  • Real-time productivity reports: Measured matrix will help view total recruiting efforts put in towards each client and each jobs. Similarly individual recruiting team member productivity is also quantified.
  • Real-time team management: Role based assignment will allow matching individual's competency to workflow steps for each job. This will ensure the best team effort is devoted towards each and every requirement.
  • Real-time account management: Allows prioritization of clients and jobs so that the team can achieve highest number of placements.
  • Real-time collaboration: Allows effective information exchange across the team members to keep everyone on the same page.

Manager of Systems and Operations: WizTalent is a proven technology solution and it has a track record of delivering high ROI.

  • Pay-per-use: No long-term contracts and no set-up fee.
  • Hosted by us: No software to install, maintain and upgrade. System is hosted in a secured server environment and it is regularly backed-up. System is actively monitored and managed.
  • Any-time and any-where: Requires only an internet browser to access the system.
  • Job board management: Control, monitor and measure access to job boards from a single point.
  • Scalable platform: System can support upto few hundred users.
  • Large data volume: System can handle large number of resumes and candidate data.
  • High performance: System can deliver acceptable performance with large number of concurrent users.
  • Operational logistics: Productivity reports will help understand current job orders and resource allocation and utilization.
  • Out-sourcing: Role based workflow makes it easy to out-source some of the recruiting tasks to external vendors. These tasks can include resume sourcing, prequalification, etc. Productivity of the vendor services can be tracked.
  • Legacy data: Data (.csv) and resuming files can be easily imported.
  • Promote job listing: Active jobs in the system can be promoted on the company web site. External candidates can search jobs and apply directly.
  • Personalization and customization: System provides personalization of external interfaces such as email communications to candidates, look-and-feel of job listing pages for the company web site, etc.
  • Advanced support: Our engineering resources and expert recruiting analysts are available to provide advanced support to handle client requests which are outside the existing product.