WizioTec provides ready-to-hire technology professionals to fill permanent and contract-to-hire positions. Their expertise is in hiring for product (software/hardware) companies for their technology groups including engineering, QA, customer support and professional services.

Top performers are very critical to the success of any technology group since they deliver majority of productive work. And top performers are highly selective in picking their next company to work. WizioTec has a track record of matching top technology professionals with suitable job opportunity and facilitate successful hires.

WizioTec has unique and proven process for talent search which enable us to deliver a high rate of submission-to-hire. In most cases they have delivered a successful hire with an average of 2-3 submissions per position. Their team consists of highly competent technical account managers, technical consultants and recruiters.

Their technical account managers have real industry experience with building and leading technology related teams. They have previously worked in relevant roles including hiring manager, architect and/or principal engineer. This background allows them to help fully understand the job requirements and drive the overall internal process to achieve high rate of success.

Their technical consults have hands-on experience and technical skills required for most of our job requirements. They are responsible for short-listing resumes and screening candidates. All of their candidates are put through an elaborate technical screening and their submission are accompanied by a suitability report. This help save lot of time and efforts for the hiring managers during the interview process.

Their recruiter has professional degree and many of them have engineering background. They are well trained on resumes mining techniques, candidate prequalification and referral networking.

Recruiting teams at WizioTec uses WizTalent software to streamline all their recruiting activities. The only software needed on their PC is an internet enabled browser. The team constantly collaborate round the clock using the WizTalent platform.